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Our mission;

İnsan odaklı bir misyona sahip BAŞAK Fork Kneader, During production, the environment and avoid any damage to the environment within the framework of shows as possible, be sure to use recyclable materials.

The most valuable heritage we can leave to futuregenerations; habitab le world would never forget a clean BAŞAK Fork  Kneader , environmental activiti es such as providing continuous support.


Our vision;

Have disrupted the flow of a business, Başak Fork Kneader, Enter the raw material production, as a machine ready for use after the completion of all quality controls are modified in the last process, the quality criteria and tests are very sensitive.

Our company produces machines to meet the needs of the customer intends to develop.

Başak Fork Kneader, referenced to produce quality work in the field of self-rule has a vision of an organization.



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